Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life Lately

A lot has been going on in these parts over the last few weeks. Also, I need copious amounts of coffee to stay awake because I have been sleeping like complete and utter crap.  The other night I was wide awake from 1:00-3:30am. It was the legitimate worst, and of course the day before I had to work a 14 hour day. Ugh.

I got my teeth done!! While they are temporary (as the real ones have to be made from a mold), they look great! I am in love with my smile!  I can't wait until the permanents are adhered and all the dental stuff is over and done with.  It was money well spent.

Work has been going VERY well and that's fantastic.  I love my boss, I love what I do, I love my commute, so it's a big ol' love fest. I am beyond thrilled since my last job was...umm...stressful, to put it nicely.

I have a lot of dinners and happy hours scheduled with friends and it makes me happy.  I love catching up over good food and conversation.

All in all, things are going pretty well.  They say that usually when something is going blissfully right in one facet of your life, the other part of your life will become utter shit.  Here's hoping that is nonsense and will not be happening anytime soon...if at all.

Time to get back to work...and to my coffee.

Love & Lattes,

Friday, February 28, 2014

Smile Like You Mean It

I have always hated my smile.  Not always, per se, but since about 14 years-old.  I broke my teeth twice in frantic falls and braces never really helped out my hot mess dental situation. I remember my mid-twenties when one of my front teeth (bonded) started turning darker than my other teeth. The other bonded front tooth was badly chipped.
I tried every whitening product--trays, mouth guards, whitening pens and pastes, strips and elixirs. Nothing worked.
So not only were my front two teeth crooked, but they were ugly to boot. I was so self-conscious that I asked my wedding photographer to whiten my teeth in every single photo she took. 
Now at 32, my teeth are something I am very self-conscious about. I rarely, if ever, smile with my teeth showing.  And I smile a lot. With my mouth closed, unfortunately.

After everything that happened last year, I promised myself I would start doing things that made me happy in 2014. 
So I'm doing just that...
Next Wednesday I am getting my two front teeth fixed!

This was something I couldn't afford before and now I can and I think it will be well worth the money that I am spending on it.  It's peace of mind. It's the ability to not worry if my teeth show. It's to not feel awkward when I have to smile.
I cannot tell you how excited I am!  I am not thrilled about the large cost of this, but I know it will be worth it times a million afterwards.  I would love to tell you that it didn't bring tears to my eyes yesterday when I booked my appointment. 

I am five days away from getting a little boost in my smile and in my confidence.  I am doing this solely for me!  I want to be able to smile a smile that is mine and that I'm happy to share with the world.  I am excited and so happy to have a dentist that I trust completely and believe in.
HELLO NEW SMILE!  I've been waiting 18+ years for you.
Love & Smiles,


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday

I'm having a serious case of wanderlust, especially since this snowy winter has been such an awful one. I am dreaming of the sun and sand and warmth.

Mainly the warmth.
On the radio this morning, people were saying how they're moving from here to head to warmer climates because they've had it.  They reached their breaking point.
I do wonder why I stayed so committed to living in the Northeast when for many years, prior to marriage and my sweet boy, I dreamed of California.
Alas, I'm here.
But a vacation on the books can't hurt. A tropical vacation, that is.
I'll be exploring the UK this summer, with my boy in tow, and it'll be awesome.

But there's something so dreamy and desirable about a beach vacation.
The sound of the waves, the sun beating down, a cocktail in hand.
BVI, I'm coming for you...
And soon.
Love & Wanderlust,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

House of Cards

I binge watched "Orange is the New Black" last summer and now I have started "House of Cards" on Netflix.  And let me share, I am hooked!

Netflix has really been making such quality programming! Plus, the cast of this show is just so damn fantastic. I mean, Kevin Spacey straight up gave me chills in the first episode.
Robin Wright is cold and calculating, but I like the moments where you can tell she actually has a beating heart.  And these two as a I've never seen anything like it.

Plus, Kate Mara is a brilliant actress.  Rooney Mara, her sister, is a personal favorite, but Kate is growing on me.  It's eerie how Rooney and Kate have the exact same speaking voice. It's a bit funny to hear them speak because it is so similar.
I am only 6 episodes in and I am a big fan!

I know this show gets even more intense than it has in the past few episodes.
I cannot wait!

Have you watched?? 
What are your thoughts?
Love & Netflix,


Friday, February 14, 2014

Liz Lemon Forever

Love & Liz Lemon,

Happy Hearts Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Whether you're in love, or nursing a broken heart, know that you ARE loved.
You have friends, family, colleagues, children, parents who think you are the bees knees.

Nothing will ruin this day for me, even a fractured heart. No way!
I love red and pink too damn much!  Plus, I love to show those closest to me how much I truly love and adore them.  You don't need romantic love to be the luckiest person in the world.  The love of one is more than some people have in a lifetime.
It's a lovely day to put out the good feelings and sweet notes to those that matter most to you. Tell the people closest to you that you love and adore them.
It truly is the little things that make this day special.
My co-worker made me heart shaped pink sugared cookies. I love them!
It is the kind gesture that means the most.
Plus, I look killer in red so I rocked it hard today, including in my mani, scarf and jacket.
But remember, the MOST important relationship is the one you have...

You are awesome!

Go. Celebrate all the love.
And get a brownie batter donut.

It's heart shaped decadent heaven.
Love & Lattes,



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pink & Leopard

It is not a secret that I am in love with the leopard Claire Vivier clutch. It's on my wish list forever and always. But I especially love leopard with a bright color, especially bright pink.

Want.  Badly.
Love & Leopard,


This is the absolute truth.